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Outline for a study of the Bible – how we got what we have.

Join Rev. Wendy Olson for a proposed four-week study. Wednesdays at 10 am.
This is not exactly a bible study. Its more a study of the Bible. Each week we will explore one aspect of the book we hold and call, The Bible. Through history, language, archeology and Holy Spirit we will learn more about the story of the Bible. Each week we will also look at Bible passages that help us learn more about how the people of God, through the ages, have used and not used its words. 

1. What is “the bible”? Nov. 1st
It is not a book, it’s a Library. We will look at the broad sweep of makes up the Bible and how the various components make the whole we now have.

2. Where did the Bible come from? Nov. 8
We will look at the origins of what we now have and some of the forces that shaped the journey.

3. How did the Bible become the Bible? Nov. 15
We will look at the process and parameters of made it in and what was out of this library. It’s called canonization.

4. When does it stop? Nov. 29
We will explore the history and process of translations and the continuing shaping of the words we read.

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